Abercrombie Castle in Westchester County Needs Full Renovation

An unfinished castle built by American entrepreneur David Abercrombie is on the market in New York’s Westchester County for $2.9 million.

Abercrombie, yes, that Abercrombie, is best known for starting the American lifestyle brand Abercrombie & Fitch.

Located at 249 Croton Dam Road in, naturally, New Castle, the 4,337-square-foot castle consists of two out of a potential three stories of living space, as well as a tower. The property also comes with nearly 50 acres, which includes three lots with potential for development.

“The castle was built in 1927 for Abercrombie’s family and named ELDA after his four children,” says listing agent Christina DiMinno.

(The children’s names are ElizabethLucyDavid, and Abbott.)

DiMinno adds, “This is a historical home built in the fashion of the day for the early 1900s.”

Although Abercrombie and his family lived in the home for years, it’s not currently in a livable state. The two buildings—the original stone manse and a barn—are without plumbing or electricity and will require a complete renovation before the next owners can move in.

The property last sold in 2001 for $1.5 million and, for the last several years, has come on and off the market for as much as $3.5 million. And certainly, the next owner will be in for a big project.

But when it comes to investing in a blank-slate property with plenty of romantic charm, you’d be hard-pressed to find something comparable in the region.

Abercrombie Castle
249 Croton Dam Road(Realtor.com)

Abercrombie Castle
Castle exterior(Realtor.com)

Abercrombie Castle
One of several entrances(Realtor.com)

Abercrombie Castle
Another exterior view(Realtor.com)

Abercrombie Castle
The property is set on 49.6 acres(Realtor.com)

“The stone was quarried locally, and the steel beams and slate roof were shipped from Pennsylvania,” DiMinno says. “At one point, there was a natural, spring-fed swimming pool. This same stream still fills one of the large ponds on the property.”

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Abercrombie spent significant time developing and preserving the wooded acreage surrounding his dream castle.

“Several walking trails created by Abercrombie in the early 1920s can still be used today,” DiMinno says. “But the property is mostly in its natural state, as Abercrombie would have wanted it. The land has remained untouched for over 90 years.”

Wild though it may be, the property is by no means remote. In fact, public transit is close by.

“The local Metro North station is only 10 minutes away,” DiMinno says. “New York City is an hour away by train. This property is the largest available within such a short train ride to the city.”

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