Historic 1882 ‘The Birches’ Masterpiece Asks $3.99 Million in Garrison, New York

Historic 1882 ‘The Birches’ Masterpiece Asks $3.99 Million in Garrison, New York

Alon Koppel Photography
Alon Koppel Photography

Welcome to “The Birches”, a timeless masterpiece nestled in the heart of Garrison. This exquisite home, designed by the legendary Ralph Adams Cram in 1882 for the Osborne family, has been meticulously restored to its original glory and brought up to the standards of modern-day living while honoring its rich heritage. Every detail speaks of the care and dedication put into preserving “The Birches” while offering a glimpse into the past with its intricate detailing and architectural finesse. The spacious interiors seamlessly blend period features with contemporary comforts, creating a harmonious living experience. Conveniently located yet privately tucked away, this enchanting property captures the essence of countryside living making it a haven for those seeking a retreat from the everyday hustle. This is more than just a home; it’s a testament to the Osborne family’s legacy and a rare opportunity to own a piece of architectural history in one of New York’s most picturesque locations.

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