Why this abandoned house in Virginia is filled with life-size mermaids is not known, but there is some history on the house itself and the murders that took place inside. I was fortunate enough to get pictures from inside back in 2018.

The large house itself was built in the 1840s. It was at a point used to house soldiers during the Civil War before it was reopened as a restaurant. It was during this time when the owner was found responsible for murdering and hiding over 20 bodies in a cave beneath the home (this is all documented by local historians). It is apparently one of the most haunted houses in America. The name of the serial is being withheld to protect the property itself, as well as the safety of others.

The exterior

When I first entered the house I did not know about the history, I was just curious after I saw this large ominous house on the side of the road while driving through Virginia. However, I felt like there was definitely some sort of weird or tragic history that may have taken place here. Why would such a large beautiful old house be completely abandoned like this? My initial feeling was more of sadness than a very bad feeling.

The main foyer where underneath the bodies were found

Downstairs living area

Back in 2018, no matter how many pictures I took, they would all come out blurry. This was the first time this happened to me inside of an abandoned house. I couldn’t explain it. I attempted to visit again in 2020, but after getting all the way to the location, I realized I had forgotten my camera, another first for me. It was like something didn’t want me to document the house. The third time was the charm.

A mermaid hangs in a bedroom closet

An upstairs bedroom

Scattered around everywhere was vintage clothing. Then there were just the mermaids lying around with no explanation. There were no written clues anywhere as to why, and no information could be found online while trying to research.

A mermaid in a bedroom

A painted fireplace on the wall with the date of construction

Clothes still in a closet (belonging to the last owner)

Another mermaid In a bedroom

A living space

Another mermaid in a bathroom

Upstairs bedroom